Contract Management

Dassian Contract Flow Down

When your procurement or manufacturing focus is against a particular contract or project, some or all of the information associated with the contract or project must flow down to sub-contractors, vendors, and the shop floor.   Government contractors are required to flow down information and contract clauses throughout the supply chain per the flow down regulations.

In addition, manufacturers often receive priority rated orders and must realign supply to be compliant with DPAS and AOG, hence it is imperative to have the customer contract specific data associated with your production/purchase orders at your fingertips.

Dassian Contract Flow Down allows you to capture the necessary contract information and enables the automated flow down of this information throughout your organization, shop floor, and to your vendors while providing the needed reporting for government audits.

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"From a change management perspective, users readily adopted the Dassian flow down solution as they are comfortable with the SAP interface.  The Dassian flow down solution resides within SAP, just like another ERP module such as purchasing or planning.   This made it easier for my team to implement and customize the solution further to incorporate flow down for schedule agreements functionality as well as integrate it with SAP SNC." 
Sanaa Whese, IT Program Manager


"With the new solution in place, the most recent JDAS audits have found no violations with contract flow down in our systems while allowing our buyers and planners to focus more on their customers and less on manually sending flow down information to subcontractors and vendors." 
Meka Young, JDAS former Purchasing Manager & Current Planning Manager

Business Benefits

  • Prevent loss in contract revenue associated with U.S. government correction actions for violations of DPAS and flow down regulations to vendors
  • Eliminate the costly process of attempting to manually track contract flow down and associated audit reporting
  • Enables querying of contract data fields and flow down pegging history to retrieve data for analysis and audit purposes

Compliance Benefits

  • Enables compliance with U.S. government contracting flow down requirements
    • Defense Priorities and Allocations System regulation (15 CFR Part 700)
    • Purchasing System – Contract Clause Flow Down
    • Prime Contract CAS clauses (FAR 52.230-2 and FAR 52.230-3)
  • Provides audit reports of flow down pegging history data against associated contract demand

IT Benefits

  • Facilitates the capturing and reporting of customer-defined contract specific data fields without modifications or enhancements to SAP®
  • Eliminates the need for custom development of complex regulated requirements
  • Seamless integration with SAP ERP
  • Runs on SAP ERP application server with no additional hardware requirements
  • Proven low risk COTS offering
  • Fully supported solution with lower TCO than custom development

Key Features

  • Automates flow down of contract information to be displayed on follow-on objects/documents
    • Purchase Requisitions/Purchase Orders
    • Planned Orders/Production Orders
    • Project WBS Elements/Networks
    • Service Orders
    • Deliveries
  • Applicable for all valuation types where demand originates from sales document
  • Leverages MRP to perform pegging of the contract demand to all replenishment objects in the entire bill of material
  • Performs hard pegging of contract requirements to purchase orders and production orders so pegging doesn't change due to MRP updates
  • Captures all of the static pegging history for reporting and audit purposes
  • Flow down data can be queried using a standard report with flexible selection parameters
  • Creation of unlimited flow down data fields with flexible formats
  • Transportable customer-defined field catalog
  • Flow down data upload and extraction capability

Flow Down to a Purchase Order

Pegging Audit Report