Cost Management

Dassian Product Actual Costing and Estimating (PACE)

Dassian Product Actual Costing and Estimating (PACE) allows SAP customers to gain detailed and accurate insights into actual manufacturing costs helping to drive continous manufacturing improvements while also satisfying actual cost traceability requirements imposed by the U.S. Federal Government such as Cost Accounting Standards (CAS).  Dassian's PACE solution extends and enhances SAP's GPD (Grouping, Pegging, & Distribution) solution demystifying GPD data so you can easily "follow the money trail" in support of your DCAA/DCMA costing audits.

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"Before PACE, cost accounting spent 20 minutes to an hour proving out the costs for one material.  Replacing 6 transaction codes with one report, PACE answers the audit cost question in 2 minutes saving one cost analyst 50+ hours of time during a simple, routine audit."  -- Anthony Plute, United Launch Alliance, IT Business Partner


"Dassian PACE has given us the ability to look back to what MRP looked like many weeks and even months down the road.  From an audit perspective this is crucial."

--Carrisa McCracken, Superviosr Material Control, L-3 Communications

Business Benefits

  • Provide detailed and accurate insight into actual manufacturing costs for planned, WIP, and historic data to help drive continuous improvement
  • Analyze cost by projects, WBS, network activities, PIRs, sales orders, deliveries, non-GPD requirements
  • Easy root-cause analysis for any cost variances
  • Insight into learning curves by material, by project, by work center, by task, etc.
  • Detailed reporting for scrap and excess
  • Enables accurate cost reporting on any component of the production BOM

Compliance Benefits

  • Battle tested solution that already passed multiple DCAA and DCMA audits
  • Reduce the amount of efforts per audit by leveraging sophisticated out-of-the-box reports and easy navigation
  • Reduce risk of failed audits by being able to prove the ‘follow-the-money” trail and explain pegging assignments and their cost distribution
  • Ability to time travel and show costs on any given date

IT Benefits

  • Seamless integration with SAP ERP
  • Runs on SAP ERP application server with no additional hardware requirements
  • Improves reporting performance with in-memory options
  • Supports SAP HANA and new UX paradigm

Key Features

  • Capturing pegging assignment tree in full details from SAP GPD pegging report.
  • Standard breakpoints and exception handling types are supported; easy adaption of any custom breakpoint and exception solution.
  • Extract actual distributed cost and labor hours by pegging assignment lines from SAP GPD distribution.
  • Distribution data can be captured directly from the standard distribution report or alternatively a lightweight mini distribution program can generate more timely cost data without creating CO postings.
  • Cost rollup mechanism to roll up actual cost and labor hours to every level of production BOM including the top demand.
  • Robust process to manage pegging and distribution data extracts, cost rollup, history snapshots and shared memory option.
  • History management tool to take timely snapshots of data.
  • Detailed and summary object cost reports to display pegging assignment, cost and labor data for a particular object selected anywhere in the pegging tree.
  • Inventory gain: conversion of blank replenishments or SG (Stock gain) objects to production orders during goods movements or in mass process.