Cost Management

Dassian Workforce Authorization Management (WAM)

Dassian Workforce Authorization Management is a valuable tool for managing personnel and authorizing labor charging and travel expense assignments within SAP® ERP.  WAM provides your personnel their time sensitive authorized charge numbers and will validate time charges and travel expense assignments in real-time eliminating mischarging. Validate absence and attendance types to control exceptions like overtime charging.

WAM can be used on a subset of your companies charging activities or apply to all time charging. Flexible workgroups allow project and department managers to work from their own personalized list of people without the need for HR or cost center organizational assignments. Personnel authorizations for time entry and trip expense assignments are as easy as drag and drop.

Business Benefits

  • Eliminates labor mischarging and the high cost of correcting labor postings
  • Increase cash flow due to more accurate and timely labor billings
  • Eliminates travel and trip expense mischarging
  • Prevents unwanted travel and expense charging on labor-only final cost objectives
  • Simplifies time entry in SAP by presenting only authorized work assignments

Compliance Benefits

  • DCAA compliant work authorization process
  • Includes enhanced SAP timesheet change log reporting for DCAA compliance which tracks every change to the timesheet and displays it as its own record
  • Resource assignment and utilization reports
  • Real-time validation during time entry

IT Benefits

  • Eliminates the need for custom development of complex regulated requirements
  • Works with SAP CATS as well as support for third party timesheet collection tools
  • Runs on SAP ERP application server with no additional hardware requirements
  • Fast ROI based on savings of eliminating costly labor corrections
  • Proven low risk COTS offering
  • Fully supported solution with lower TCO

Key Features

  • Simplifies time entry in SAP by presenting only authorized work assignments
  • Assign personnel for an appropriate validity period which prevents labor charging without the need to update the wbs element charging status
  • Limit the amount of hours that a resource may charge
  • Assign and authorize specific labor categories
  • Assign and validate attendance/absence types for exceptions like overtime hours.
  • Time entry is automatically validated in real-time
  • Provides for flexible creation of resource teams or groupings
  • Role-based workbench assignment of personnel to final cost objective including WBS elements, network activities/elements, cost centers, and orders.
  • Drag and drop personnel assignment of single individuals or entire groups
  • Mass export and import of resource assignments with Excel®
  • Start/finish dates are automatically proposed during assignment based on the underlying scheduled dates from the final cost objective
  • Resource assignment and utilization reports so you can who has an assignment, who has charged, and how much total time has been charged

Easy-To-Use Workbench

Eliminate the costly process of finding and correcting time mischarges. Ensure your work authorization process is compliant and easy to use. Authorize labor time charging based on validity dates, total hours, labor categories and absence/attendance types. No more allowing employees to "sit" on old charge codes.

Time entry with too many hours and incorrect absence/attendance type.   Validation occurs with error messages.