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Resource related billing performance improvement pilot notes

If you are running a large number of cost postings through SAP resource-related billing there are a number of  pilot OSS notes that can improve system performance of resource-related billing. In order to gain access to these notes you must open a CSS message asking SAP to add your company
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SAP Business Suite on HANA and Resource-Related Billing

Many of us in the government contracting industry leverage resource-related billing.   As we are all aware, in order to provide the most accurate billing backup reporting we must use resource-related billing configured to read the lowest level data which is the costing document line item details.   Often using RRB configured
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Resource-Related Billing with GPD Labor Issue with Summary Source

There is a pilot OSS note to resolved a resource-related billing defect related to the billing of GPD labor records using source 0002 (CO summary tables). Often times, especially for T&M contracts where you need to bill by labor category, you will configure your dip profile to turn on characteristics
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RRB Rounding Error in SAP OSS Note 1916060

There is an intermittent rounding error in SAP resource-related billing in that the cost in the DMR might have an incorrect amount due to improper rounding.   Dassian has worked with SAP to resolve this error. Please apply oss note 1916060 to resolve this issue.
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Resource-Related Billing Performance Improvement OSS Note 1879203

Dassian has worked with SAP Development to issue a Resource-Related Billing performance improvement OSS Note 1879203.    We recommend applying this note if you are running RRB/RRRA and processing more than 100,000 cost records. Symptom:  You observe a long runtime in resource-related billing if you process many (> 100.000) dynamic items.
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SAP Resource-Related Billing

Resource related billing is an SAP delivered billing process within the Sales & Distribution module, which is largely used in the service provider industries where the billing of time or expenses is needed.   Often a project is setup to collect costs from which are used to generate the invoice.  
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