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Forecasting with Cost and Schedule Performance

In project management the past is always a great indication of future performance. For this reason a strong earned value system is a valuable tool when forecasting a project to completion. Two of the most critical points of analysis are the impact performance has on cost and schedule. To first
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The Basics of Control Accounts and Work Packages

When doing Earned Value Management within a standard project structure there can be a defined level that is considered a "control account". A control account is normally the intersection of the functional organization doing the work and the Project organizational hierarchy. This is typically defined as the level that you
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Effectively Coordinating a Project Schedule and Cost

As many project managers know, effectively coordinating a schedule and cost is easier said than done.  Although a schedule drives the timeline, cost management will also make or break a project's success and directly impact overall profitability.  As more companies turn to the strength and stability of SAP for project
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Definition of Centric Project Management and Tools that Support It

Centric Project Management is the integrated connection of Project Management Processes and Information.  In order to achieve this, the execution of your projects must occur in an integrated system with all other supporting business processes.  SAP is the most powerful integration software on the market today.  The business processes in
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Planning Control Accounts and Work Packages in SAP

In the Project Systems module of SAP you create Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) which establishes a project hierarchy to plan cost and schedule.  However, for many large organizations the right level of project management may not always fit within the constraints of a WBS structure.  For that reason they will
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10 Keys to Evaluating DCAA Compliant Accounting Software

What are the 10 keys to Evaluating DCAA Compliant Accounting Software? Let's approach this on a question and answer basis. Q: Who is the DCAA? A: The DCAA is the Defense Contract Audit Agency. It was established as a separate agency of the Department of Defense in July 1965 and
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