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The Basics of Control Accounts and Work Packages

When doing Earned Value Management within a standard project structure there can be a defined level that is considered a "control account". A control account is normally the intersection of the functional organization doing the work and the Project organizational hierarchy. This is typically defined as the level that you
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Effectively Coordinating a Project Schedule and Cost

As many project managers know, effectively coordinating a schedule and cost is easier said than done.  Although a schedule drives the timeline, cost management will also make or break a project's success and directly impact overall profitability.  As more companies turn to the strength and stability of SAP for project
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10 Keys to Evaluating DCAA Compliant Accounting Software

What are the 10 keys to Evaluating DCAA Compliant Accounting Software? Let's approach this on a question and answer basis. Q: Who is the DCAA? A: The DCAA is the Defense Contract Audit Agency. It was established as a separate agency of the Department of Defense in July 1965 and
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