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SAP Solution for Government Contractors in Aerospace and Defense

SAP solutions for government contracting in Aerpspace & Defense from Dassian
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What is Total Time Accounting, or Total Time Reporting?

Labor cost is an important element of project cost accounting, not only for the professional services industry, but for manufacturing and other industries. The US government requires that cost be allocated fairly and equitably across a company's various cost objectives, in reasonable proportion to the benefit accruing to them. A
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Contracts and Billing by ACRN, Accounting Classification Reference Number

Have you recently received a government contract that requires you to bill by ACRN?    Are you doing this today in an excel spreadsheet? What is an ACRN? ACRN stands for Accounting Classification Reference Number.  This is how the government allocates funding for government contracts.  It is often referred to
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The Need for Transparency as a Means to Address Market Conditions Today

Webcast Replay Enabling Action Based on Insight The Government Contracting Market Today Today's market can be best described as, uncertain.  A federal budget crisis that never seems to end, increasing competition, decreasing margins, efficiency demands to do more with less, consolidation, and the constant shifting and aligning of work forces
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10 Keys to Evaluating DCAA Compliant Accounting Software

What are the 10 keys to Evaluating DCAA Compliant Accounting Software? Let's approach this on a question and answer basis. Q: Who is the DCAA? A: The DCAA is the Defense Contract Audit Agency. It was established as a separate agency of the Department of Defense in July 1965 and
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SMB Government Contracting Solution

SMB Government Contracts Are you a Small to Medium Business dealing with government contracts? Running into government compliance issues? Can your old system no longer cope? SAP and Dassian may have the answer to these problems! You may think that SAP is beyond your reach. SAP is often considered
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