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Resource-Related Billing 999,999 DLI limitation OSS Note 1100666

SAP Resource-Related billing has a limitation of 999,999 DLI's that can be created during one billing process.   There is a pilot note 1100666 released by SAP to resolve this issue.   If you are interested implementing this pilot OSS note then please create a CSS message to SAP asking to be
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RRB Rounding Error in SAP OSS Note 1916060

There is an intermittent rounding error in SAP resource-related billing in that the cost in the DMR might have an incorrect amount due to improper rounding.   Dassian has worked with SAP to resolve this error. Please apply oss note 1916060 to resolve this issue.
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SAP Resource-Related Billing

Resource related billing is an SAP delivered billing process within the Sales & Distribution module, which is largely used in the service provider industries where the billing of time or expenses is needed.   Often a project is setup to collect costs from which are used to generate the invoice.  
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Sales Contracts With Funding Limits or Ceilings

Sales contracts that have funding limits are common in professional services firms and government contractors. Entering funding limits and reducing the overall billing to those funding limits is the desired ERP and accounting system behavior.  These types of contracts are typically called time and material or cost plus.  SAP can
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