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Employee Time Charging Validations in SAP

Recording time properly is critical to government contractors and service provider firms.   Proper time recording is not only subject to FAR regulations and DCAA audits but is essential to manage your costs and gain insight into your project performance.   Errors in time recording requires labor intensive correction processes and can
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Planning Control Accounts and Work Packages in SAP

In the Project Systems module of SAP you create Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) which establishes a project hierarchy to plan cost and schedule.  However, for many large organizations the right level of project management may not always fit within the constraints of a WBS structure.  For that reason they will
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Government Compliance in SAP

The issue of accounting system compliance does not completely revolve around the software itself. Certainly a key consideration is the functionality and capability of the software employed, but even more important is the network of practices and procedures required for compliance. And most important of all are the internal control
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