The Need for Transparency as a Means to Address Market Conditions Today

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Enabling Action Based on Insight

The Government Contracting Market Today

Today's market can be best described as, uncertain.  A federal budget crisis that never seems to end, increasing competition, decreasing margins, efficiency demands to do more with less, consolidation, and the constant shifting and aligning of work forces to "follow the flow of money",  – the list goes on and on.  All of this leads to a guessing game and hence, the uncertainty we are facing today.  This uncertainty is the driving need for transparency at the right level, and on the right indicators for your organization, that inform your business how best to react and manage through today's market environment.  The transparency we are talking about spans the project life-cycle, from capture management to project closeout.  Without it, you're "guessing in the dark" in terms of winning, managing, and measuring all project-related activity.

The "must have" transparency is straight forward.  Today's contractors need more visibility and transparency into their business than ever before. Without the right tools to provide this transparency, companies will have a tough time competing. Contractors who ready themselves with the right level of transparency improve their competitive position, can spot problems proactively, and understand where best to spend precious marketing and B&P resources and dollars.

Market Challenge

Area of Transparency


Optimize what you have with transparency at the lowest level of your projects

“Flat is the new up”

Spot problems early with alerts on your thresholds

Increased Competition

Bid with certainty and a margin you control

Deliver Low Cost and High Quality

Synchronize your supply chain for better control

Follow the Money

Manage agility in the workforce

Why Aren't Companies Facing Today's Market With Certainty?

Many companies find that they are simply in "reaction mode" to the current happenings in the market.  Perhaps the largest reason is the simplest of them all.  That is, unless you can measure the right attributes of why and how you win, and why and how you lose, you can't effectively understand where to bid next, and why you should spend B&P dollars on a particular opportunity.  Insight into past performance is critical to this equation.  Past performance is more than a win/loss ratio however, it must include many facets, such as profitability analysis at the lowest level of your project(s), an understanding of both the cost and base of your indirect allocations, insight into your talent pool in terms of ability to execute versus cost of a resource, an analysis of what types of projects are typically most profitable versus the probability of winning, competitive positioning in terms of billing rates and ability to deliver a high quality product/service – the list is almost endless. Obviously this says nothing about the need to create a trusted-advisor relationship with your clients.  The problem is, companies don't have the aforementioned at their fingertips – hence, this is the problem facing many companies in today's environment.

The Outcome

It is, of course, not all doom and gloom. There are billions of dollars in contracts out there and budgets are actually increasing in certain segments. With the right level of real-time transparency into your operations, you can not only survive, you can THRIVE.  We see new contract awards being awarded every day.  You can bet,  however,  the contract awards today were with smaller margins than in years past, that competition was tighter, more informed, and fierce, and that companies have to do more with less.  It's these companies that continue to win that have figured out that the level of transparency is now at a whole new, more detailed level, across the entire project life cycle.  You still need the right people, processes, and tools in place, and you need to think about enabling the capture process in a whole new way.  The right level of transparency is that way.

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