Top 10 Disruptive Technologies for U.S. Military Future Consideration

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A new wave of technology innovation to be used by our U.S. military has been a recent directive of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to "embrace a spirit of innovation and adaptabilty across our defense enterprise".

Citing an article in the Nationial Defense Magazine, November 2014 issue, the writers and editors have listed their top ten key technologies that will give military forces a decisive edge.

  1. Truly Autonomous Weapon Systems
  2. Transformational 'Big Data' Tools
  3. Holograms for Training
  4. Super-Powered Soldiers
  5. Hypersonic Milliles and Space Planes
  6. Drones Manufactured On Demand, 24/7
  7. Hydra-Like, Invincible Vehicles
  8. Inexhaustible Power Sources
  9. Jam-Proof, Reliable Communications
  10. Revolutionary, Stealthy Low-Cost Warships

The article continues to describe each of these technologies and makes for a very interesting read with thought provoking ideas about the technologies of our future.

Barbara McElnea, Dassian Inc.