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GOVCON Analytics on SAP HANA Live

SAP HANA is a leading edge database and application that supports both transactional and real-time reporting needs. It eliminates the need for an expensive and separately maintained reporting data warehouse while enabling real-time analytics, accelerating system performance, and reducing long term total cost of ownership.

The Dassian GOVCON solution runs on SAP HANA and includes the implementation of the industry-leading SAP BusinessObjects suite to produce the reports, analytics and dashboards required to give you real-time visibility into every aspect of your business thereby enabling agility, control, and high performance. Connect to your live ERP data via popular Microsoft tools such as Excel.

SAP HANA includes the SAP HANA Live application which provides enhanced quality for analytics across all SAP ERP (Business Suite) applications. SAP HANA Live uses easily understandable application data models that are optimized for analytic purposes using views in the SAP HANA database. These views form a virtual data model that customers can reuse to meet future requirements including predictive analytics. The virtual data model is the foundation for SAP future analytic development. Data provided by the virtual data model can be presented through the various tools provided in SAP BusinessObjects Suite, and domain-specific web applications.

SAP HANA Live provides the following advantages compared to regular reporting solutions:

  • Real-time: Since all reporting happens on a primary database, there is no need to wait for data warehousing loading jobs to finish. The cycle time from recording to reporting is dramatically reduced.
  • Open:  Any access to the reporting framework is based on standard mechanisms such as SQL or MDX. No special data modeling or programming will be required.
  • Uniform: One approach is chosen for all SAP Business Suite applications, enabling a common reporting capability across application boundaries.
  • Intuitive: The virtual data model allows you to make data available without requiring a deep understanding of SAP data models.
  • Fast:  SAP HANA is the underlying computing engine, to enable analytics up to 10,000 times faster than traditional business intelligence suites on high data volumes.
  • Easy to Use: Excel-based tools will give you real-time access to live transactional data for reporting, analytics, and dashboard production.

SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Applications

The SAP BusinessObjects Suite ncludes:

  • SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Edition for Microsoft Office (and OLAP): This Microsoft Office add-in allows you to access live operational data for multidimensional analysis from the comfort of an Excel front end. The data is displayed in the workbook in crosstabs. You can insert multiple crosstabs in a workbook with data from different sources and systems and produce ad-hoc reports, production reports as well as dashboards with the click of a button. This is Excel connected to your live ERP database.

  • SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio:  SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio enables application designers to create analysis applications and dashboards for browsers and mobile devices (for example for iPads) on top of SAP HANA data sources.
  • SAP Lumira:  SAP Lumira is a data manipulation and visualization tool. You can connect to various data sources, select and clean data, manipulate and visualize data with a diverse offer of graphical charts and tables. SAP Lumira is installed locally and can operate on data either remotely or on locally stored datasets.


Additional reporting functionality includes a role based reporting portal, integration of different datasets, alerting and scheduling, and publishing capabilities.


SAP Smart Business Cockpits

SAP Smart Business Cockpits provide insight into the real-time operations of your business by collecting and displaying KPIs directly in your browser. It allows you to model KPI and report tiles that enable targeted monitoring of key business data using the SAP Smart Business Framework.


SAP Smart Business for project execution


Initial Launchpad View:  The entry point is always the personalized Launchpad - which offers a comprehensive overview of all projects. Here a project manager can scan for existing deviations and risks across all assigned projects.




Project Reporting View: Provides an immediate overview on the key aspects of all projects. The project manager can focus on a particular project where problems were reported and analyze costs, scheduling and work assignments.

Project Cost Report: The distribution of planned and actual costs can be analyzed along the project timeline and value categories. The project manager can go up to the line item level and related CO or reference documents for more details.



Insight and Actions: The project manager can analyze the WBS element with exceeding work in more detail.


Other available SAP Smart Business Cockpits include sales orders / contracts displaying a list of sales and invoices and accounts receivable displaying a list of all receivables and overdue items.


Pre-Defined Reports

A set of 65 predefined HANA Live reports that access data live from your ERP database across project execution, finance, financial close, sales, accounts receivables, etc. are provided with the solution. In addition, there are hundreds of standard ERP reports across the suite.