Co-innovation Services

Partnering to solve complex business challenges

Co-innovation Services

Dassian specializes in co-innovation partnerships with our customers. When client projects include requirements outside of standard SAP, we partner with our clients to extend our Dassian applications, building end-to-end solutions that are cost effective and sustained through our maintenance program.

Dassian co-innovation services offer solutions to complex business challenges, using best practices for software design and development. Agile processes promote early and continuous delivery of supportable software. We collaborate in sprints and set value-based project milestones, focusing on business needs and value extraction.

Dassian co-innovation benefits include:

  • A sustainable end-to-end solution
  • A unified enterprise system
  • Lower cost than custom code
  • SAP expertise in every solution
  • Accelerated product releases
  • Priority support models

Get the full value from your SAP and Dassian investment with Dassian co-innovation solutions.